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Creative Biography of the Artist Gerald Coarding

Little is known about the life of the abstract artist Gerald D. Coarding. According to the 1940 US Federal Census, the American painter was born on June 5, 1911, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He studied at the School of the Chicago Art Institute under the guidance of Hans Hofmann, a renowned art teacher and representative of abstract expressionism. In his early years, Coarding also attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

After serving in the military during World War II, Gerald D. Coarding lived in Paris for several years, where he studied under the famous French painter and sculptor Fernand Léger. Upon returning to America, the artist found employment at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York (located at 80 Pine Street). During this time, Coarding received his first recognition: one of his paintings was selected by none other than David Rockefeller himself for the permanent collection of his bank, without the artist’s knowledge. The commission that recognized Gerald’s artwork included prominent figures of the time such as Alfred Barr (historian), Dorothy Miller (art curator), James Sweeney, Per Retboon, and Robert Hale (economics professor).

Until 1946, Coarding worked as an advertising artist. After 1946, he started painting on a non-commercial basis and created several significant paintings during this period. In 1947, Coarding had his debut major exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute, followed by another one in 1955 at Whitney Museum in California. At different times, Gerald D. Coarding’s paintings were also displayed at Janet Fleisher Gallery in Philadelphia and several group exhibitions at «Salon des Réalités Nouvelles» in Paris. In 1985, his works were exhibited alongside Louis Stone at the Noysa Art Museum in Oceanville, New Jersey.

In total, the American artist’s paintings have been featured in public auctions about 20 times, mostly under the category of «Paintings.» The oldest registered auction where Coarding’s work was sold dates back to 1992 («Butterfield & Butterfield» canvas). The most recent one took place in 2022 (untitled painting). The record price for the artist’s work is $13,750 for the piece «Musician», sold at Swann Auction Galleries in 2021.

It is known that Gerald D. Coarding was married to Mabel Coarding. And also had a brother-in-law, Robert Hartshorn.
In 1955, the artist resided at 11 Bleecker Street, New York (found on the back of his painting «Minotaur»).
Other notable works by the artist: Gerald Coarding Pentaptych, Gerald Coarding Abstract Figures, Gerald Coarding canvases, Gerald Coarding Abstract composition, Gerald Coarding Musician 1946, Musician by Gerald Coarding.

Gerald D. Coarding passed away in March 1986 in Dorothy, New Jersey.

Coarding’s artistic style is characterized by rich non-geometric strokes, bold brushwork, and unusual colors. His extraordinary paintings remain undeservedly unknown. The Gerald Coarding Public Arts Fund aims to bridge this gap by introducing art enthusiasts to the works of this American expressionist from the 20th century. At the same time, the fund provides reliable information about the provenance of Coarding’s artworks, a necessary aspect considering their value, which can reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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