Gerald Coarding Foundation

American 1911-1986

Gerald Coarding Foundation​

The Gerald Coarding Foundation is a unique collection of Gerald Coarding’s works and materials from the artist’s archive.
Our organisation works to preserve, restore, study and promote the artist’s work.

Foundation’s tasks:

  • Creation and publication of a catalogue of Gerald Coarding’s works;
  • Creation of a digital archive;
  • To organize exhibitions of his works;
  • Cooperation with educational institutions to study the artist’s creative heritage.

What can be beneficial about the Gerald Coarding Foundation?

If you are a private collector, own any of Gerald Coarding’s works, or are interested in purchasing his paintings, the Gerald Coarding Foundation will assist in authenticating the artworks. Additionally, it provides all the necessary information about the artistic masterpiece:

  • Visualization;
  • Title;
  • Year of creation;
  • Description of the work (essential artifacts of the original).

Gerald Coarding’s canvas has a specific creation history, and the foundation also possesses other useful or interesting information about it. The Art Fund will undoubtedly share this information with you.

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Gerald Coarding Foundation